ProSew is ...

... one of Cincinnati's premier contract embroidery shops.  Prosew uses only the best people, equipment, digitizing, thread, and backing. The combination of these elements gives us the highest quality embroidery in the Cincinnati Area.
In addition to premier quality, ProSew's delivery is driven by your need date, not some arbitrary lead time.  We constantly adjust our schedule to meet our customers ever changing needs.

ProSew History ...
ProSew was started out by Linda W. Dean in 1985.  She sold the house she got in the divorce, took the equity, and bought her first embroidery machine.
Quickly ProSew outgrew the basement and  moved into its first commercial space.  Linda then also hired her first employee.   

ProSew today has 35 heads, 6 employees, and 5000 sqft of workspace.  ProSew continues to turn out high quality embroidery and meet customer driven due dates.
About this web site ...
Selling embroidered goods can be a scary experience if you are not familiar with it.  It can also be very rewarding with the 30% to 50% typical mark ups on embroidered goods.  This web site is designed to give you some basic guidelines on what works to make the selling job easier.  Once you learn the basics, you will find selling embroidered goods is not that difficult, and be very profitable.
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ProSew Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Award for 25 Years in business

Award winning Embroidery

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... bright clean tidy.

ProSew is a certified by the WBENC as a Women owned small business.