Specialty items - 
These are the unusual things that customers bring in for embroidery.  They include:

*  brief cases
*  gym bags
*  wine cooler bags
*  aprons

*  dress shirt pockets
*  vertical sleeves
*  canvas tote bags
*  beanies

*  bucket hats
*  blankets
*  towels
... and almost anything else that comes our way.

Bucket Hat Hoop -

This is a special hat hoop designed specially for bucket hats.  

With this special hoop, it is possible to hoop bucket hats in the round, which allows the bucket hat to maintain its shape after embroidery.

Without this hoop, the bucket hat is hooped with a flat hoop, which can cause the hat to have a flat spot on the front where the embroidery is located.

Pocket Hoop -

This special hoop allow for embroidery on the pocket of a dress shirt without sewing the pocket closed.

There is a size limit of 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

Also allows us to do socks, gloves, small bags, and other narrow items impossible to hoop with conventional flat hoops.
Bag Frames -

One of the more versital hoops in the inventory,  This clamp hoop allows us to do pockets on briefcases, canvas totes, gym bags, and many other items impossible to do with convential embroidery hoops.

This hoop can also be used on leather jackets and other delicate items where a hoop mark might damage the item.
Special tools for Special Embroidery:
Special Locations - 

Note the vertical logo on the right sleeve.  This is possible using a special vertical hoop that allows a 6.00" tall by x 2.00" wide sewing field on sleeves of shirts and jackets like this sample.

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